“I’ve been going to church with resistance my whole life. My former church had close to no youth, so eventually my parents decided to move to FMC.

At first I felt awkward and a bit uncomfortable, until a cousin asked me to join a JC service; I’m glad I gave in, because from that moment, my faith started to grow. All the themes are shared thoroughly, but in a way it’s easy to catch. Simply sharing about God with other young believers creates a constantly growing connection between each other. Worshipping Him all together in a room even gives me the chills sometimes. That’s the beauty of this community and without saying, fun times are guaranteed!”


“Being the only daughter in the family definitely had, to some extent, shaped me into someone that somehow thought that I could get away with anything… until I had to step out of my comfort zone and went all the way to the Netherlands to pursue my academic dream.

Well, not completely a wild ride, since I had my brother to help me out at the time. And hey, he was also the one who introduced me to FMC, especially JC Generation. I have been Christian all my life, but sometimes there had been moments when I questioned my faith and needed someone to share my burden. It’s just never easy to try to stand on your own feet, but the bond that has been formed in this community and having fellow believers who can strengthen you when life hits you hard, definitely makes the journey enjoyable. My faith has grown, my love for God has been deepened, and my passion for ministry has never been more solid. I found myself growing from just a girl who had been living under the ‘perfect’ scenario, into a grown-up woman who is ready to face imperfections in life. You don’t know how grateful I am to have found this community where I feel home, even if I am 7000 miles away from my home town. Well my friends, now I have experienced the real power of the community in Christ and you will too! (Heb 10:25)”